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May 14, 2008



Ugh. Just, ugh. I have a deep, unexpressed (before now) fear of being unable to sell our house in NH when we're ready to move to MA. The difference is, our house has ZERO historical value and is not in a commercially viable area, so our souls are comparatively safe... the next owners may turn it into a meth den, but they won't be destroying any history when they blow it up.

Fairly Odd Mother

Ouch. The moral high ground is a nice place to be at time, but that hurts. Hope someone wins big at the slots and decides your home would be the perfect spot to settle.

Judy Hansen

It took us 4 years to sell our house, started at 449,000. Sold at 269,000. A realtor had to pretty much hit us over the head for us to realize we had to price it lower than the market to get it sold. It is done. No regrets. Now on with the next phase of our life. When it is right, it will happen.

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