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May 25, 2008



We love the water fires. We usually hit a couple a year. We do the same thing go first thing so we can see them lit, then leave after. Were the gargoiles (sp?) there?

Patricia Sheehy

There's almost no describing Waterfire -- it calls to our deep-seated collective memory and makes us feel part of something larger than us. We were there last Labor Day weekend when all the college students were moving in and I'm still haunted by the mystical experience of so many people, so much creative energy, and fires that call us to our past, present and future. My upcoming novel, A Thousand Whispers, is set at Waterfire, as I can't think of a more fitting location for a story in which the fires of the past shape our future. Providence, keep the fires buring! Patricia Sheehy, author Field of Destiny, Veil of Illusion, Giving with Meaning.

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