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June 07, 2008



I'm a friend of Shannon's. She gave me a link to your blog because she knew I'd be interested in your CSA post. We're on our 6th or 7th year on ours and I plan to give updates, too. I am going to try your yummy soup recipe. Kale is also great for making or adding to smoothies. We love it! I have a great turnip recipe, too, which I plan on adding to my blog soon. You can also mash turnips like you would w/ mashed potatoes- even combine them w/ sweet potatoes. The greens are also very nutritious.

I love farm shares!!


The trick to the Soba noodles is to eat them cold. At least that is how they serve them here.
I would love to join a farm co-op. To get what is in season, and that almost makes you change up meal time. Here we eat the same 3 things lol


My culinary skills are unworthy.


I'm in a CSA too, first time this year. Simply chowed down on the radishes, after slicing thinly, with a bit of dressing. Made a rgeat hors d'oeuvre. And the lettuce was delish, but the arugula threw me. Next time -- possibly next week!? -- I'll be more prepared. Also I shoulda left the rhubarb for the giveaway to someone who would use it; I had big plans but didn't get to it in time. Good thing I split a share with another family, otherwise it'd have been bigger carnage. Glad I found you, love the Orzo idea!


Only I would get "hors d'oeuvre" right and miss the typo in "great."


Don't be afraid of the collard greens. I never ate one until I moved to Atlanta, now I adore them and got a nice haul from my CSA this week. Here's how to make them nice and smoky, but still vegetarian: Get a big pot. Add 1 cup vegetable broth, 1 cup water. Add a 1/2 tsp. salt and 3/4 tsp. SMOKED Spanish Paprika. This is the magic ingredient! Chop your collards, discard tough bottom stems, add to pot, cover and simmer in the liquid for at least 45 minutes. I think you will really love the deep and tangy flavor. And if you're lucky, you will have what southerners call "Pot Likker" (the liquid at the bottom) to dunk your cornbread into.

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