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June 24, 2008



Whoopie Pies are maybe my favorite thing on earth. I have to make them myself, though.


Those Wicked WHoopie pies are sold on QVC now. I just saw those the other day. Now I may have to go order some.


Hey Christina!!! How goes? I can tell ya that one of the things I miss most since leaving Boston and moving back to NY is the Grapenut Raisin ice cream at Toscanini's. They didn't have that flavor all the time, but when they did, I would literally eat a quart of it right there in the store. I would often get a confused look from them when asking them not to put a lid on it because I was not taking it to go. :)


When I moved to Maine four years ago, I couldn't fatham eating a whoopie pie....and whilst they are a bit too much for me, I have one every year and it's wonderful! And then I'm good to go until the next year. And I can never manage to eat one without getting it all over me.

Oh and we have Del's up here in Maine too...at least I think we do. Well we have A Dell's frozen lemonade and it's wonderful! I get one every single week!


Just tell me where to get that Tapioca pudding. I LOVE the stuff!


Humpty Dumpty potato chips. Barbeque. They WERE made in Maine, not so sure if they are anymore.

And the ever obvious...Vermont/New England Maple Syrup, the darker the better.

Del's Lemonade? My. Favorite.


Love your list. I spend part of my summer in New England on the Cape. My kids also appreciate a "hoodsie" cup. Can't get that in California.


Wish I'd read this before we traveled through New England! I'd rather pick up local flavor than chains and franchises.

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