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June 07, 2008



But right after the first reports came out, the police stated that there were at least 4 calls to 911 reporting the accident. So some people DID do something, but surely not enough. It was really terrible, but that doesn't mean that everyone in Hartford is a cretin. However, I did think that so many people in Hartford work for the insurance industry they might have been afraid to do anything due to liability issues. KWIM?

As an aside, although i do drive thru Hartford occasionally on my way to NY, I rarely stop there. But my SIL is from West Hartford, and before they got married we went to visit the inlaws in Hartford. It was the night that the poor kid hit President Ford in the motorcade. I cannot even THINK about Hartford without cracking up... how can a teenager hit a motorcade?

Fairly Odd Mother

That is a sad story. But really, in this day and age, who is going to go on a high-speed pursuit of some hit-and-run driver? And, we've all heard stories of good samaritans trying to help someone who is hurt and doing more harm by moving the body. However, it would have been heartening to see more people showing him some kindness.


While this post is the first I've heard of this, I must say it saddens me to think of this behavior as "human". I hope every one of these people has taken a moment to think of what happened and ask themselves- what if that were my grandparent? me? my child? Lying there all alone. If this response was "human", I think society has gotten extemely too self-centered.

Ruth Dynamite


Note: I did not say "humane," because certainly, the people featured on this less than two-minute video do not appear to act in a humane manner - at least according to my definition. (Though four people did immediately call 911 off camera which to me is both constructive and humane.)

But human? Yes. As a species we humans have been as deliriously evil and violent to each other throughout history as we have been kind, selfless, and loving. The behavior on this tape is decidedly human, make no mistake about it.

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