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July 02, 2008



As pushing the reset button would be both helpful and efficient and Flomfast is incabable of either...ballisticism is warranted.

Said the girl who's bill was "problem resolution" for six months.

mrs. q.

There are only two words that get through to FlomFast. Verizon Fios. Call today. It's wonderful...


Ultimate indeed, glad you are back on line.


I don't know if you remember but I was without a computer for several weeks because of Flomflast. I should send you my letter I sent to them with all the problems we had dealing with their customer service - its 2 pages. I didn find one person who finally helped us. If you want, I can give you his name. We are done with Flomflast and now are back with rhymes with Horizon. :)


My son calls that my "Trash talking voice"


DH says you can ask for a refund or prorated rate for the days your service was out if it is over 24 hours. If you can bear to call them back...


I can not tell you how many times I have I have called "Horizon" about DSL outages (at least 11) only to have the internet magically reappear while they are checking my account - even though it's been out since tech support left the office at 5:03 the night before. grrr

I so feel your pain.


Evil Voice -- I love it. I use what my kids call the "Mad Teacher Voice." No one messes with me then!


In the interest of fair reporting, I just called Comcast to ask why we didn't get certain channels and the girl, who was far and away the nicest person I've spoken to there, walked me through their packages, offered up a few recommendations.

And when I told her just how surprised I was to be on the recieving end of such great service after six months of B.S.? She credited my account for fifty dollars.

And then her boss (I asked to speak to him so that I could let him know just how personable and helpful his employee was - one good turn deserves another) walked me through a techinical issue that we ironed out in about five minutes, versus calling tech support and scheduling a home repair thing.

And FiOS customers have been coming into the town hall reporting phone outages, lasting a week or more, for the last three weeks - just so you know.

Manic Mommy

When these things happen, my husband puts me on the phone. There's something about my head spinning 360 degrees that usually gets action.

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