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July 15, 2008



Most of my concerts were after we got married. I used to work at Kraft and get a ton of free tickets. My favorite was Cher with Cyndi Lauper! Or Bon Jovi when KC fell asleep during it!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood

Hubby and I were at the Dropkick show too! We both felt OLD, as we had not tailgated allllll day, and instead went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory beforehand. And thus were sober(ish) for the concert.

I remember my concert days wistfully (Dave Matthews! Phish! Barenaked Ladies! Pearl Jam! The Eagles!) but like you, Momma needs her SLEEP!

mrs. q.

did you forget nirvana? at the spfld civic center... they recorded a live song at that show (we were totally THERE!!) but i can't remember which one.

and i loved great woods in the late 80's/early 90's for rem, the cure, depeche mode. sigh.

Fairly Odd Mother

Funny that I forgot Nirvana considering how much I LOVED that band. I remember Kurt lying on his back playing that last song until he was just making noise with his guitar. Didn't he also hit himself in the head with a guitar that he threw up in the air? And, that was when I saw the Breeders open up for them.

Chicky Chicky Baby

I can tell you what was NOT a highlight for me: Michael Bolton at Great Woods. I blame my mom and my aunts for dragging me to that one. Female family bonding and all that crap. The only redeeming part was tailgating and drinking lots of wine beforehand. That's the only thing that got me through it.


Okay, most memorable was Eric Clapton at Great Woods in 198...I forget. Maybe '89? It was pouring rain until he came onstage and then it stopped. Mudslides (literally) on the lawn! Also Rolling Stones in 198-something at Foxboro Stadium. That was pretty amazing. Also Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., 10,000 Maniacs, etc.

But it's been a LOOOOONG time for me. Money and kids are a bit higher on the list at this point. DH and I went to a Fat Boy Slim concert just before I was pregnant with my first and we felt SOOOO old!


Good gosh woman! I'm lucky I can remember the last CD I put in my car, let alone all the concerts over the years. I envy your memory - and as Fairly Odd Father said to me last time I saw him, he still likes me even with my bad musical taste - I'd be embarassed to put my list up here - but sorry Chicky Chicky Baby, I can say it never included Michael Bolton :)

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Man, I miss those days. The good ol' Metallica. Would love to see them again, the way they rocked then. Thanks for this post, it really brought me back. :)

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