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July 07, 2008



I'm thoroughly sick of it. As a pregnant diabetic with vicious morning sickness, the only cure for which was peanut butter crackers, AND a public school teacher, I had to clear the ONLY food I could eat (or I'd get sick enough to be HOSPITALIZED) by the principal, nurse and send a fucking note home to my parents, none of whom I wanted to share my pregnancy with.

Because I had 5 children in the room with a peanut allergy.

1-I understand the need of washing my hands afterwards, and keeping the food on my desk, which I washed daily.


2-The kids knew that they were allergic and needed to stay away from it.

I'm so freaking over this. The kids eventually need to function in the "real world" where people aren't careful about peanut butter or other food substances. It's not that when I was growing up kids didn't have the allergies, but we didn't let the parents completely overturn every one else's day.

I realize I'm in the minority, and maybe I'll feel differently when my baby is born should she have food allergies, but I doubt I will.


Wow, it's because of the attitude of teachers like you Crystal that parents have to be so vigilant. They obviously can't trust those who should also have the kids' best interest in mind to do the right thing all of the time. Severe food allergies are actually considered "disabilities" under federal law. This means that children with food allergies are entitled (have the right) to receive an education in a safe environment, just like the children without allergies do. On the other hand, though many seem to think so, there exists no right to eat peanut butter when it's going to endanger a child's health. You, as an educator and adult, would rather have the convenience of eating something dangerous at your desk than seeing a child safe from anaphylaxis and possibly death resulting from accidental exposure. Nice.

Fairly Odd Mother

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My jaw is on the floor that Crystal is weighing the inconvenience of washing her desk and sending home "fucking notes" against the possibility of a child dying.

I don't wish allergies on her own child. But I do hope that once her baby is born, she'll consider making that maternity leave permanent, sparing students from a teacher who so clearly resents them.


I'm the mother of a 2 year old with milk/whey/casein allergy.It is such a pain to read every ingredient on everything that comes into the house, or when we are out. However, the alternative, a very sick child, is not OK either. Can't wait for school to start...hopefully they aren't all like crystal above, and are more understanding.

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