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August 13, 2008



I've dealt with this exact same question as I'm from "away" as well. Now my dad, he's from downeast but has lived most of his adult life in So Cal but still says he's "from" these parts. And honestly, whilst Maine has not always been home, for all intents and purposes it IS home...and it will be from here on out.

I've always dreampt (sp) of living here and my youngest was born here and doggone it, I'm from here! *lol*

Well, until someone notices I have a some sort of accent (I do?) that is not from these parts and then the jig is up! But I'm workin' on that.

The hubby, being a Brit, well that's a dead give-away, but he's actually more accepted than a California girl! Imagine that!


That is a very interesting point. I've been a transplant for my whole life. Where did I grow-up? Which part of growing are we talking about for I am STILL growing up and I live here; So I grew up here and there and everywhere. Another point is do you really want to be from one place? Do you really want to be from Ma? My husband grew up on Cape Cod and he hates to tell people he did, according to him they don't call them "Massholes" for nothing I guess.
So a galaxy far-far away sounds good to me, right on the money!

Alex Elliot

Thanks for your comments! Claire, I hadn't heard "Massholes" before but I'm laughing about it as I'm typing!


Oh my gosh, when my hubby finally got his permanent residency card and we made the final move back to the U.S. we came through Boston and the border office says to hubby; "Now mind yourself of all the *cough* Massholes on the road till ya get up New Hampshire way!"

I laughed so hard until I saw what he was talking about. But to be fair, I've really ever noticed it when driving around Boston...which I don't like to do because IT. SCARES. ME!

Alex Elliot

I swear I've never heard this before, but it cracks me up! Hmmm...I wonder if I haven't heard it before because people mutter it beneath their breath when they are driving; hopefully they're not referring to me!


Oh my! I hope you weren't too offended by my comment. I'm a "Flakey California girl", at this moment in time, if it's any condolence.
I love Ma. My in-laws still reside there and many of my cousins, my Aunt and Uncle whom I adore, nicest family ever, actually.
I happen to love the Ma accent; 'Mahk, pahk the cah'. It doesn't get any better. I love my masshole husband.
And I love you!

Fairly Odd Mother

I have a (very blond) male friend who once told some girls in a NH bar that he was from a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. Yeah, b/c no one has ever heard of Nantucket before.

Alex Elliot

Seriously, Claire I have now told a bunch of my friends about it and I just wrote a blog post on it over on my personal blog! We all think it's hilarious.


You've never heard the term Masshole? Wow, amazing. There's even a wiki for it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masshole

Susan Getgood

I've lived in Massachusetts most of my life but wasn't born here. My father was career army and until my parents split when I was 9, (and my mom came home to where she grew up), we lived all over the place. As a result, I don't have a Massachusetts accent although I have what I would consider a Yankee speech pattern -- fast, clipped, sharp. And of course I use the jargon -- jimmies, frappe, etc.

So I consider myself from Massachusetts but no one ever believes me. Until my son opens his mouth that is. He's got the accent "wicked bad."

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