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September 11, 2008



Thank you.

Emma kw

WE don't "do" September 11th. My husband can't "do" September 11th. We tried, the first couple of years, but it was too difficult for him. Bad, bad memories, sounds. He was on the phone discussing a trade with his contact at Cantor Fitzgerald. He heard a loud noise. Voices screaming, yelling. Then nothing. Ever. Again. Gone . Forever.Guys he met with , in their offices, every other month. Sometimes lunch at Windows on the World. Trips to New York so regular he didn't think to tell the kids - just another day at work, although the commute was a bit longer. But they knew Dad went to the World Trade Center and had lunch on top of the world. That day, two children were at schools that thought it a good idea to tell them what had happened. Two children spent several hours not telling, not knowing if that day Dad had gone to New York.
We don't "do" September 11th. One still hears the voices, noises, silence. Two remember the fear of not knowing. And one of us remembers wanting to never let them leave the house ever again........still too painful.....

mrs. q.

Wow. It seems so long ago, and at the same time, I remember all the details of hearing that horrible news. My friend and coworker had a tiny TV in her cube, and there must have been ten people crammed in there, around the black and white, static image of the buildings in flames. I was more in disbelief; didn't fear for myself or feel like it "was so close", mainly because we were in a tiny town in southeastern massachusetts, but that's before I had two babies and cannot imagine that emotion now... I'm sure it would be shear panic, sadness, doom.

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