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September 20, 2008



I just love hot-air balloons. We're actually good friends with a man in Western Mass who operates his own hot-air balloon, and when we lived in Keene we were part of the crew for it. Now that the kids are older, I'm planning to get back in touch with him and offer to travel out and crew for him once in a while again... three times as crew equals a free ride...


Wow! That looks beautiful!


I'd love to work crew. I had a blast just touching them.

But it looks like I'll happily fork over a couple hundred for a ride. I have to do it at least once!


I have never been in a hot balloon - it looks like so much fun - it's on my list to do! I have my own blog www.Jugglingmama.com. I would love to add you to my blog roll and hope you will do the same - let me know your thoughts. I am also part of www.ShesConnected.com you should check it out and add your profile, it's a great way to promote your business and blog.

I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to read your blog.


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