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July 31, 2009


Maureen at IslandRoar

Amen to that!
Summer's almost over and it seems like it hasn't begun. I'm on the Vineyard and I can count on one hand the days we've even reached 80.
September better be nice or else....
I don't know, but Something!

Chicky Chicky Baby

I volunteer at a Farmer's Market and we were just discussing Blight. A real shame, I've been looking forward to tomato season.


I'm hoping I will still be able to get enough fresh tomatoes to feed my homemade salsa habit without needing to sell a kidney!

Audrey at Barking Mad!

Hear hear!

Saturday was a perfect New England summer day. Of course I went and boasted about how awesome it was, and then what happened? It rained on Sunday and has been crappy ever since.

I never should have opened my big mouth!


Our poor fleece jackets and pullovers never got a break this year.

So far, August is shaping up to be a better month. Fingers crossed.

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