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September 05, 2009



Yeah, September is major transition month every year. And the older they get, the more activities so the busier you get. My youngest was sudddenly, like yours, looking for action from me; every year she needed a transition time of her own till she went off to Kindergarten. All you can do is more of what you're already doing: prepare for each day as much as you can the night before. Know September will be hard and that it'll always take a a few weeks to get used to the newness of each school year and what it brings, for you and your kids.
The older they are, the less physically demanding, but the more psychologically and emotionally draining it gets. So by the end of the day you can be exhausted.
But what a poignant and exciting time! Congrats.


Try to get things done during the day. After school, homework and organized activities will take up alot of time - especially if your trying to prepare supper as well. I try to prepare mine in the afternoon so that it's less I have to rush to do in the evening - just reheat. And make the crock pot your friends.

Lay things out the night before- clothes, lunches, make sure the bag is packed and ready to go - makes it much easier!

September is a huge adjustment - there are schedules and homework and earlier bedtimes. It seems like you can ease into it, but it's more like jumping into cold water with both feet. There is no transition no matter how hard you try.

Fairly Odd Mother

I don't have much advice since my kids aren't in school. But, all that work you think will go away when the kids start to get older? You are right to realize that it doesn't go away, it just changes. Putting together my kids' 'activity' schedule is like trying to put together a complicated jigsaw puzzle and there are days we will be literally running from one thing to another.


Alex, you aren’t going to like this, but Welcome to the World of Barely Gettin’ By. Maureen & WhirlWind are right - do as much as you can the night before, and begin your love affair with your crockpot NOW!

Three things that have saved my ass since I had kids is making lists (daily, weekly, monthly), keeping a calendar on hand at ALL times, and being very awake and productive at 11:42 p.m. (but I pay for that in the mornings!)

Think of it like a year-long rollercoaster ride. It starts out fast and with a big drop into September with back-to-school, lulls in October, and then picks up speed through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and onto through Christmas and New Year’s. Winter seems to even things out, then it picks up speed in the spring, rushs through May into June when school lets out, and then there’s a month or two to catch your breath before it all starts up again!

BTW, LOVE the bus! The alternative is dealing with the PITAE (Pain-In-The-Ass Entitled) parents at drop-off and pick-up, so we’re all about the bus!

Sally HP

I don't have advice, because I'm behind you on the ball, but you're doing great. I can't wait until you have those afternoons so that you can choose to take a nap or relax...between all your committee meetings that is ;)

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