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September 22, 2009


Fairly Odd Mother


Are those recent photos? You have foliage already? How far up there are you----my FIL is visiting from FL and wants to see colors, and I'm not sure how far north I need to drive.


FOM - these are last year's pics. I haven't been out shooting this year yet
although I am DYING to get down to Shelburne Falls, MA and take the Mohawk
Trail and get some color on film this year...color from NOT around here.
I'm also thinking about just packing Gaby up and heading to VT and hitting
the 100 because according to Yankee Magazine it's one of the most gorgeous
drives when the leaves are at their peak!

As far as this year, where I am which is maybe 2-3 hours from you, we're
QUICKLY turning. It really angers me that my brand new camera has something
wrong with it. So I'm going to have to trust that my older DSLR is up for
the gig!

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Mike Young

Ooops! You meant to say "its," not "it's." The former is the possessive form; the latter is a contraction meaning "it is." Great blog!!! I love autumn too!

Mike Young


Thanks Mike for stopping by! I really appreciate you pointing out a couple
of things I hadn't taken the time to proof before I hit publish. Feel sorta
silly now!

Hope you'll make us a regular stop on your travels around the web as New
England Mama's is going to be relaunching soon with an exciting new look as
well as our regular contributors and some fresh new faces as well!


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