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November 24, 2009


Jenn @ Juggling Life

That looks fantastic. Even at my advanced age I love to clamber over boulders.

Trenches of Mommyhood

Can you believe this place is practically in my backyard and I haven't yet been there? (My boyz went a few times this summer w/ my mom tho!)


We wanted to bring the girls this summer, just never made it. The last time I went there, was with 6 month old Einey in the front pack (shhh... don't tell husband, I wasn't supposed to bring her, he thought it was too dangerous). We used to go with my nieces and nephews quite a bit when they were slightly younger then Moe.

Maybe next year we can plan a meet-up there!

Did your boys slide down the rocks near the parking lot and wear a hole in the bottom of their jeans?

Life As I Know It

Yes! They did slide down the giant rocks by the parking lot while I almost had a heart attack watching them!  Would love to plan a meet up there - such a neat place.
We hiked Wachusett Mtn state reservation last weekend.  The goal is to get the boys in good enough shape to take them to Acadia with us...


Wow- that story is perfectly in sync- purgatory in purgatory chasm! I sure know the exorcist thing, ie. low blood sugaritis. Looks like alot of fun though..

Mama Zen

What a great post! I love climbing.


Looks like fun!!! Much nicer than the stinky swamps we have down here!!

Tania - Chicky Chicky Baby

I'm also really close to Purgatory Chasm and have not been yet! But my kids are still really small so hopefully we'll go when they can handle the climb. It sounds like fun!

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