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December 24, 2009



I was all about the lifestyle lift myself until a "friend" of mine with a giant TV pointed out to me that the people on the commercial had chin jobs as well as the lift. It says it right in the small print.

How upset was I? VERY very upset. Not that I could afford either procedure, but a girl can dream, huh?

Happy Christmas!

Fairly Odd Mother

I've seen you recently and you are absolutely perfect! And don't do Botox, pleeeeez---or at least wait a while. I can't handle the frozen face look, it kind of freaks me out.

When I hit 40, I noticed a major change in my metabolism. It sucks but my body wants to weigh 10 pounds more no matter what I do.


I totally fantasize about the Lifestyle Lift, as everyone in my family shares the hereditary double chin and mine's a killer! But then I think I should work on living healthier instead... and then I think, "OK, maybe by my 50th..."


I am absolutely 100% behind a little Botox to get you through the day! Admittedly I am too nervous of the needle right now but if this forehead line gets any more prominent I think me & Botox just might become good friends.


Ok, to make myself feel better I just say this:

In 20 years, I'll look at pictures of myself and say "WHAT was I upset with?!? I was SMOKIN HOT!" See? Perspective.


I"m a little freaked out that nowhere on the lifestyle lift site does it tell you what they actually DO. *shudder*

Charles Cage

Learning to accept the person you have become is a true sign of maturity. Looking back, cherish the ups and downs that have helped mold your character. Stay happy!

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