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December 02, 2009



My almost 3 yr old is still in his car seat. My 5 year old is in one of those car/booster convertible things. But we are still using it like a car seat (5 point harness and all). I was just thinking about digging out the instructions to see how to use it with the seat belt instead. But, honestly, my kids are such lightweights they could probably stay in car seats until middle school.


Both gals are in the big Britax convertible car seats. Charlotte's almost 4 and 41 inches tall but she weighs 31 lbs. So for as long as I can (probably through kindergarten/age 6) she'll stay in the big seat.

Martha at A Sense of Humor is Essential

Our boys are older and are adult sized, so it's seatbelts. We used the full on car seat for a long time. Thank you, thoughtful post.


My older two girls the 8 year old who's only 46 pounds and the 6 year old who is 60 pounds are in the no back booster seats (we just made this change from high back booster seats). The 5 year old (41 pounds is in a high back booster seat. CT state law is 7 years AND 60 pounds. So even though my middle daughter will meet the requirements in six months, I'm going to keep them all in booster seats for as long as I can. Despite their pleas of "my friends don't sit in booster seats AND can sit in the front of their cars".

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