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December 23, 2009


Fairly Odd Mother

Sooooo, cute and I never thought of using cookie cutters---we have sponge-stamper things but they are kind of ooey gooey messy but I like the cookie cutters!

One other idea for paper----call a local newspaper (the smaller/friendlier the better) or a local printing plant and ask them if they have any end rolls you could pick up. They are the end of a roll of white paper that doesn't have enough on it to print another newspaper---We have one in our basement and have been using it for YEARS! It's a ton of paper to us and it can be ripped off into big sheets----we've seriously made 10 foot banners with it. It'd be great for big sheets of wrapping paper too. (but, warning, these are big and heavy---need to clear our the car and bring a friend to help you lift it)

(and Chicky looks adorable doing this)

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