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December 17, 2009


Christine Sierra

Ahhhh...you mean...wait...uhm...there isn't a Santa Claus?

Fairly Odd Mother

Oh, I lie like a rug on this one. I think some of it has to do with my firstborn who has LOVED all characters, costumed people, etc since birth. She's sat on Santa's lap from Christmas #1 on and she just LOVES the entire thing. My 2nd though. . .petrified of Santa and wouldn't go near him. My 3rd. . .oy . . I had to tell him that Santa just comes down the chimney and stays ONLY in the first two rooms and would never EVER come upstairs b/c he was afraid Santa would start roaming our house.

But, after a few years of Santa, I've been letting things slip. I'm tired of pretending and am ready to let the kids in on the secret. It was fun while it lasted but mama's tired of having to keep the jig up.

I, though, have lovely memories of waiting for Santa and don't recall EVER feeling like I was 'lied' to by my parents. My belief in Santa just faded.

Alex Elliot

My 6 year old is very suspicious. He's caught me in my lies..er deceptions.. a couple times now which doesn't help. We go see Santa at Hebert's because it's free. This year we went on a Sunday around 2 pm and there was no line whatsoever. The boys walked right up.


There's this British author whose name escapes me at the moment - anyway, he says he's perfectly fine with Santa Claus, because he thinks his kid will eventually figure it out for himself. We are highly secular people, and that's how I feel. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, all that -it's not a LIE. It's fun. It's pretend. It's what parents do for their kids.

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