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December 22, 2009



Actual, some of us who are religions feel the same way. Christmas is far to commercialized and takes away from the whole religious aspect (IMO). Sure, we're celebrating Jesus' birth, but to me, I'd prefer something more intimate as opposed to all glitter and bows and glam and "me, me, me".

As for the commercialized aspect, the Santa Christmas, it's way out of proportion. I too hate walking into a store before the Halloween (let alone Thanksgiving) decorations are put away and seeing all the excess (on aside note, I walked into Kohl's the other day and they had bathing suits and shorts ready to replace the winter gear, because hello, we need those in the middle of winter??????). Christmas is pretty stressful - the baking, the things to do (caroling and parties and school events and everything else), the sending cards (I love this part actually) and Christmas music 24/7 adds to the stress of the holidays and instead of being stressed for a few weeks, your stressed for months.

Christmas Day is my daughter's birthday. With a few unexpected events this weekend, I had no time to bake cupcakes. Iwent to the store to buy some and found one box (one out of almost 2 dozen or so prepackaged cupcakes) that were not Christmasy. They had snowflakes on them, but I'll take what I can get. It's so hard to separate it from Christmas but we try our hardest. The teacher even asked me today, would you prefer we celebrated today as opposed to with the holiday party tomorrow.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but your not alone feeling that way. Some of us Christmas folks are overwhelmed with the commercialization of the holidays as well!


A few weeks ago I was very excited to show my 3 yo that in Belmont they had a banner in a public space that had an image of a menorah. Sadly our town is just about xmas.


Christmas, the religious holiday, is actually twelve days. In countries that are predominately Catholic, the big celebration is on Jan 6,(the day Jesus was introduced to the gentiles) not Dec 25.

Commercial Christmas is 24 hours and I agree with you - it has gone way overboard and lasts way to long.

It's tough to be Catholic at Christmastime, too, when everyone is talking about shopping and teaching kids to want, want, want, when your tree needs to be at the curb before Kings Day and when you have to say Happy Holidays rather than Happy Chanukah AND Merry Christmas.

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