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December 31, 2009


Fairly Odd Mother

Thanks Tania! We are definitely planning to go to this (when others kids are IN school of course) and it's great to read your recap.

We made the mistake of going to the Aquarium on a Monday of a three-day weekend. Holy sardines, it was nuts. I think part of the reason I homeschool is just to be able to take the kids to things when it isn't crowded. I get too twitchy otherwise.


Two comments: We made the same mistake during the Star Wars exhibit and I'm still recovering. Every photo from that experience shows me exhausted on some bench with my daughter's head on my shoulder. We were beyond bored. My son loved every second of it despite the crowds.

Most public libraries have MOS passes for free. You just have to reserve them in advance and return them the next day. You save a lot that way, even on parking.

Alex Elliot

I saw this exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry this summer. I really enjoyed it but then again I've read all the books and had seen the movies. The audio tour was definitely not worth the money. My aunt and I just rented one and were able to take turns using it but again, it wasn't worth the money.


My mother in law took my kids to see the exhibit in Chicago this summer (she bought tickets in advance :) ) and they LOVED IT. My son got to wear the sorting hat! He was Hufflepuff. I'm not sure how I feel about that....


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