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December 16, 2009



WTF? Around my huse, certain times of the year, you can find drawints like that. Or find my girls tying each other to in that pose to trees or fences. Of course, they do go to Catholic School. However, I don't complain when they come home with dreidels and menorahs made in art. When they tell us the story of Kwanza. Or sing the dreidel song over and over and over again. I like that they are being exposed to other beliefs. That they know there are other things out there.

The kid is 8. I know many kids who go to church AND go to public school. They don't always know about the whole seperation of church and state. It's not like he was trying to indoctrinate his class into religion, he was drawing a picture. I guess it's just easier to think inside the box and draw fat red elves and reindeer that can fly and trees with lights.


Fairly Odd Mother

I do think there is more to this story. . . perhaps this isn't the 'exact' picture and the original had more gore on it, but, really, have you seen some of the images in a church? If this kid was drawing based on his interpretation on stuff that he's seen, it could still be very, very violent and yet not mean anymore more than "I was drawing Jesus". Even if the Romans were shooting arrows in the air, or stabbing him or whatever, school officials should've taken this into account before they reacted so seriously.

As an aside: I remember reading about one parent who went to his daughter's preschool class and saw crucifixes all over one wall. He thought "WTF!?!?! We're Jewish and they're doing this in art?!?!" He was just about to say something to the teacher when his daughter ran over to the wall, pointed at the drawings and said proudly, "look Daddy! lower-case t!"


The dad immediately say "they messed up...they owe us a big cash settlement."

There is now controversy over whether it was even drawn at school.

Methinks Foxnews put the dad up to it so he could get his "big cash settlement" and they could get a new war on Xmas story.

Tania - Chicky Chicky Baby

C - At this point I'm inclined to agree but I'm waiting to see how this plays out. I really hope that's not where it's headed (the update on the story came right after I finished this post so I had to include both sides) because... Well, no one wants to hear this story blow up into something worse. Except maybe the Taunton school system.


The school may have messed up, but I distrust this Dad. He can say anything he likes and the school is limited in what they can say publicly about this child.


I think there's more to this story, and I doubt very much that it went down in the way the dad described.

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