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January 05, 2010


Christine Sierra

Ugh. Food. Call me Mel - I run a diner! Quasi-vegetarian daughter who only considers ham and hot dogs as a meat. All other meat products are poison.


I have struggled with this daily for the last five years. I am sick and tired of it, frankly.

My son used to eat any dairy product - any cheese, yogurt, milk...All of a sudden one day he refuses cheddar cheese sticks and will only eat the mozzerella cheese sticks. Fine. A little later he decided he will not eat any cheese sticks AT ALL, and all his cheese must be sliced. And white. And not swiss. Gah.

I think the list of food they WILL eat is shorter than the list of those they won't. And the older one is a bad influence on the younger one, who is usually a good eater. I absolutely will not make another meal. If they eat the right number of bites of everything, I will let them have raisins, applesauce, yogurt, cheese, or whatever is easy and relatively healthy.

I have discovered that they are more likely to eat new things is they have a small bit of something familiar on their plate. It's like a weird security blanket. And since the one thing they will agree on and eat without any arguement is pasta, I try to get the healthiest, most nutrient packed pasta I can. And then only give them a little and hold the rest hostage until they eat some of the other stuff.

For breakfast (since they eschew cereal), I make healthy muffins. I usually do several batches at once and then stick them in the freezer. 30 seconds in the microwave and they are good to go. There are a lot of great recipes on the Bob's Red Mill website. I particularly like the Pumpkin Quinoa muffins (high protein and vitamin A), and the 10 Grain Cereal muffins. I also make all the muffins with a mixture of organic whole wheat pastry flour and organic 6 grain flour. Keep it in the fridge or freezer if you go that route.

Sorry this is so long! A sore spot, I guess...


Having a hard time with my 3 year old kid too for now. Would love to see more suggestions too. Only thing he eats are french fries(I make it myself) cakes and biscuits. Having a really hard time, experimenting on smoothies with him now. Tried fruits first will incorporate other vegetables soon.

Weber Grills

Lovely to here parents going through the same experiences. My two are the same, veg can be difficult. I find that they will say they dont like peppers, but they have eaten the dish before with peppers and not complained. So now it seems like they have just decided that they dont like them, the things are covered in sauce anyway so you wont be able to taste them, do they listen, NO! They leave them to the end and eat them on there own. N simpathy I am affraid. My two do love sweet and sour chicken, I make the sauce myself which is always a winner, but saying that we had it tonight and my son didnt finish it??? I think he was tired. Just cant win sometimes.

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