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January 19, 2010


T with Honey

Are there any Scott Brown supporters in the New England Mamas contributors list? After 2 Coakley posts I'm feeling a bit in the minority and would love to see something from the other side of the election.

Tania - Chicky Chicky Baby

T with Honey - I agree, it would great to see the other side. Each of the NE Mamas was given the opportunity to write about their thoughts on the election but I guess there's more Coakley supporters than Brown supporters. You're more than welcome to add your thoughts in the comments, however!


The same Martha Coakley who gave serial child molestor Father John Geoghan 1 year of probation?

The same Martha Coakley who drug her feet to prosecute an INFANT rapist, and then agreed to release him RoR after he was indicted?

The same Martha Coakley who branded wrongly jailed Gerald Amirault (Fells Acres) as a sex offender and kept him in jail long after he was determined to be innocent?

Even if I were a Democrat, I would stay home before I cast a vote for her. She is not a good person.



I am not a Martha Coakley supporter, but also am not comfortable with writing political commentary. Also, not a MA resident.

That being said, today is turning out to be a good day - the results of the special election, that someone mentioned spring is only 8 w 2 d away and so far, no puppy puddles to clean up!

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