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January 29, 2010


Mrs. Q.

If we can get around to building the rink, or if I just happen to leave on the garden hose for the afternoon, my favorite place to skate will be in my backyard!


Johnson Pond in Raynham...they've got benches and there's usually a skating area cleared. Also, that Pond in your photo...rumor has it that there'll be some skating going on there this weekend.


South shore -

The Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham has a new skating area, Hidden Pond. DH took our daughter last weekend and said it was very nice. We've also gone to the Hingham Skating Club and really liked it.

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Village Scenes

I am aweful on frozen lakes, my kids love it but i get too worried about whats going to happen. like you said i wouldnt feel safe unless i saw a 250 pound fisherman walk on the lake either !!

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can you rent skates at hidden pond in hingham?

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