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January 01, 2010



I love homeschooling my kids, too. My oldest is in school and that works out very well for us, but I HATE rushing her out of the house in the morning. HATE HATE HATE.


Excellent article! I'd like to encourage people to not be dissuaded by those who play the "socialization" card as a reason not to homeschool. All of the homeschooled kids I know are much less likely to stare at me as if I had 3 heads when I talk to them than all of the public school kids I know. They interact much more freely with kids of all ages, as well as adults. People have reacted with surprise when they find out that my daughter was homeschooled, because she "seems so normal!"

While I agree that obviously you need to comply with your state's laws governing homeschooling, I would encourage parents to learn and understand those laws well. Some school districts are great, others - not so much, and they will try to make you meet additional requirements, some of which can be outrageous. I've had to "educate" our school district on a couple things that they had wrong. Know the law well, and don't be intimidated.

Fairly Odd Mother

That Bobbie Girl: Great point on socialization. I challenge anyone who thinks homeschool kids are "weird" to a) spend the day with my kids; 2) try to remember if there ever were any weird/shy/aggressive/depressed/eccentric kids in your public school. Kids come in all stripes, homeschooled or not.

Tania - Chicky Chicky Baby

You and your children could be the poster family for homeschooling. After getting glimpses of what you do it's even inspired me to try... Then I came to my senses. ;)

It's not for everyone but you've proven that when you do it right, homeschooling is a great alternative to more "traditional" education choices.


I love the picture you posted with this! It exemplifies the freedom I feel as a homeschooler (most of the time). The ability to take a bunch of homeschoolers kite flying on Castle Island on a gorgeous spring day (yes, a school day) just BECAUSE it is nice out is priceless. When people say they're "missing out" on certain things by not being in school, I like to think of days like this and what school kids are "missing out" on.

Yes, it's hard, but you don't have to have saintly patience or super organizational skills (although the willingness to work on these is nice). Just a desire to be with your children and to give them time to just be a kid.


Christina -

I came over via your blog, which is on my Must Read list. I am a homeschooler too, and wanted to mention the Home School Legal Defense Association, which has summaries of all the state laws, and lots of helpful articles.


I would enjoy reading more about your homeschooling exploits - do you have a separate blog about it?



I realized today that I am not really a "newbie" anymore! Almost a full year since I pulled my eldest out of public school and then (a month later) my middle child!! Amazing. And I'm not super patient or brilliant or anything like that. But I do like my kids (most of the time) and I do like not having to rush through their childhood simply to meet the time clock of the public school.

Why, just tonight, when my son realized that tomorrow we "Start" school again, he decided to get half of his schedule finished BEFORE BED so that he could have more free time tomorrow!!! Love it. LOVE IT.

I'll say this: Homeschooling 3 isn't any harder than doing homework with 3 tired kids in 1-2 hours while cooking dinner and trying to fit in a sport or scout meeting before trying to bathe them and get them to bed early enough for them to be able to survive being pulled from bed before they're done resting. No way.


I still give props to any mom who homeschools her children and actually teaches them the necessary skills to function in todays ridiculous society.
I love spending time with my kids too, even though they are gone all day homeschooling is just not an option for me. Reading about is still intriguing.

Mrs. Q.

Well, I'm bookmarking this article for future reference. I just found out that Lucas will likely be in afternoon kindergarten this fall, and Phe is slated for morning preschool, so that means that these best buddies will barely see each other two days a week. I'm brewing an ulcer thinking of our pick-up and drop-off schedule and OH NOOOO!

Fairly Odd Mother

Deb, thank you for such a nice comment---I've been very lax about blogging since the holidays (the Thanksgiving holiday, that is!) but I do hope to put more homeschooling info on Fairly Odd Mother. I don't have a separate homeschooling blog though. If you look for those posts with the "homeschooling" tag, it'll at least narrow things down a bit.

Diane Kilpatrick

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